Stamatis & Dorota Wedding Shoot

A romantic story with a spin
7 December, 2022 by
Roman Horwarth

When I see wedding videos, I always feel they are made by a cookie cutter, and I can understand why. When you film weddings every week or even more often, creativity sometimes goes out of the window. So when we film a wedding video, it must be unique, creative and with a story. Stamatis & Dorota gave us a carte blanche, which is EXACTLY what a video creator wants. 

A relationship is a magical journey. Every "spin" is a teleportation to a new adventure, a new part of their journey that is just starting now.

We have a full video of the wedding day coming soon, but above is a creative sneak peek of what's to come. 

Roman Horwarth 7 December, 2022
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