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Cyprus 2023
15 November, 2023 by
Roman Horwarth

We're excited to share a recent project that truly showcases the power of video storytelling; a grand event we filmed and edited for Panasonic Industry. Taking place in the picturesque city of Paphos, Cyprus, this event was a sensory extravaganza, featuring a conference at the renowned Coral Beach Hotel, a yacht cruise with enlightening presentations, and an amphitheater-style showcase of Panasonic's latest products.

What made this project special for us was, not only the beautiful backdrop of Paphos, but also the tool we used to capture it all - Panasonic's Lumix series cameras. Being regular users and advocates of Panasonic Lumix cameras, we were thrilled to be shooting an event of this magnitude for Panasonic Industry.

From capturing the bustling energy of the conference at Coral Beach Hotel to the serene beauty of the yacht cruise, our Lumix cameras were the perfect companions. And the amphitheater-style showcase? It was a visual treat that our cameras captured with stunning detail and clarity.

We are proud to be part of such a fantastic event and to have had the opportunity to capture it all through our lenses. This is why we do what we do - to tell stories that inspire, engage, and capture the beauty of the moment. This event was yet another testament to the power of visual storytelling, and we can't wait to share more of our work with you

Roman Horwarth 15 November, 2023
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