Levantina Fish Farms - Cooking Video Production

1 November, 2022 by
Roman Horwarth

Levantina fish farms is based in Limassol Cyprus and is one of the largest and most high-tech ecologically sustainable fish farms in Europe, winning multiple awards for their product quality and taste. Working with Levantina fish farms was exciting on many levels. We had the creative freedom to develop a culinary experience which tied in beautifully with my food blog my urban treats. The clients marketing team wanted to offer marketing material in the form of videos to their partners, which in turn helped them promote their product. 

We developed four unique recipes in various styles, that would be available via barcode scanning on the product packaging. Below is a sample of one of those videos.

During the production, we created 4 delicious recipes with the clients products. These recipes where then posted on social media to promote the brand. During the shoot we also managed to capture beautiful photos for the same promotion. 

Roman Horwarth 1 November, 2022
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