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A complete production from casting to video production
30 October, 2022 by
Roman Horwarth

It is no secret, Amazon is the world largest retailer on the web. Many people have built successful businesses on Amazon, but competition is fierce. Retailers however have ways to improve their listings and stand out in the sea of retailers. One of the most converting tools at your disposal, is the Amazon Product Video. The challenge however, is to 

  1. Keep people watching which is monitored by amazon and influences ranking
  2. Get your message across in 45 Seconds or less. 

Production days are complex and require great organisation to make the most out of the location and talents time. To optimise all shoots, we plan every scene and angle in advance. This allows us to move quickly on shoot days. During the production of the first GipsMe video, we managed to make the best out of every hour on set and produced the intended marketing video, an instructional video as well as product photography. 

How we did it!

As an initial step, the client reached out to us with their idea and requirements. This followed by a brainstorming session which is important so we can understand the target market and product. Once the idea was laid out in detail, we began location scouting and casting calls. The location and cast was selected according to the clients target market to make the viewers feel familiar and relatable. 

Now that location and cast was selected, we began planning towards the shoot date. On the shoot date we are always first on set to ensure everything is in order and set up lights and cameras to avoid waiting times for the cast. The shoot is hectic but smooth without any major issues. Once all the footage is "in the can" the editing phase begins. 

During editing, we finalise the selection of sounds, colour grade and editing flow. Since you only have 45 seconds for the complete video, the first 2-4 seconds are crucial to capture your audience.  The first editing draft is complete for review with the client, during this phase we have the chance to get some feedback and finalise the video for the first test run. The video is then uploaded to Amazon and the results are monitored to understand drop-off and conversation rates. 


What our clients think

We had awesome experiences from start to finish with Roman, Agnes & their team at Vivid Colour Films. They're true professionals at the top of game in video production, not only in Cyprus. We have always very specific needs with our video projects, and Vivid Productions always hit the nail on the head. I'd recommend Vivid Productions to literally anyone with a video project in and around Cyprus. I look forward to working with them again in the future and thank you for the last 5 productions, you are not only business partners anymore, we call you friends!

Jack & Daniela
Urban Friends

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Roman Horwarth 30 October, 2022
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